The CFO Mentoring process typically takes 3 months and is conducted in two half day sessions per month.

During this process, your lead finance professional will gain confidence and expertise from a seasoned CFO professional.  In addition to cash management, techniques on reporting and working capital enhancement will be provided.  Bottom-line, your lead finance professional will have the mind-set of a seasoned CFO at the completion of CFOMentoring.

1.) The cost of the MAXCashFlow® product.

2.) The cost of training and mentoring which will be conducted by Bill Cochran, a seasoned cash flow expert and President of William R. Cochran & Associates, a part-time CFO company with established clients and references.

Bottom-line, the overall costs are reasonable and should be recouped after proper implementation of the CFOMentoring process.

“I will personally work one on one to train your lead finance department professional on proper cash management techniques using the proven and tested product MAXCashFlow® ensuring your employee reaches the next level on cash management techniques and CFO skills." or directly by telephone at:  513-478-9505



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